Business Leadership Tips for Those Who Aren’t Natural Leaders

There is a misconception floating around that leadership is a natural talent that some people have, and others just don’t. But the truth is that leaders don’t always come from great families, nor have amazing backgrounds; it’s not simply about genetics or personalities, either.

More often than not, the best leaders use their drive and determination to literally create themselves as leaders- typically after having experienced many mistakes and setbacks along the way. You see, leadership is something that can be acquired and learned.

What is the Definition of leadership?

But before I give you tips on how you can empower, motivate, and create the leadership role in your business you so deeply desire to have, I want to preface this discussion with a definition of leadership:

Leadership is a continual process by which an individual recognizes the unique strengths and qualities that exist within himself as well as the people and organizations around him. He then actively uses that knowledge to influence change, bring about accomplishment, and focus on what’s important- over the long-term, not just the short-term. He directs people and organizations in a way that makes them more actualized, cohesive, and coherent.

If you have the desire and willpower, you can become an effective leader. Good leaders develop through a never ending process of self-study, education, training, and experience (Jago, 1982).

The question becomes how do you as a business owner and an individual develop these leadership skills and what actions can you take immediately to start making progress towards your goals of playing a higher role, serving a higher purpose, and making a higher income?

Six Tips to Becoming a Leader in Your Business

Below are a summary of six steps I’ve developed to help you become your own role model in your life and organization. Your perspective, philosophy, personal path, position, popularity, partnerships, progress, praise, performance, paying clients, promotion or products don’t matter if you don’t develop the skills to lead others.

These techniques are designed to quickly create lasting change within any individual, and the person will begin to grow as the fears of criticism, failure, and/or success are dissolved: the singer that now has a career, the housewife who starts her own venture for the first time, the CEO who triples the bottom line after I raise his financial set point. Powerful. The subconscious mind is a computer. These strategies re-write the software, changing the way you think and ultimately act.

When is it time? Always now.

1. Accept Responsibility. No one can change your financial situation, your health, your career, your love life, or anything else but you. And that will only happen if you accept FULL responsibility for the action, decisions, and results you currently have. So string up those shoes, get out that checkbook, look at where you’re spending your time, and make a decision. And, not just a decision but rather a declaration to divorce yourself from any other possibility than the results you desire and frankly deserve.

2. Clean Your Mind. Nothing will change if you don’t change the way you think. You know exactly what I mean. You have the moments of intention. You have that fist pumping dream that is right there inside your moment. It’s you as you were meant to be. Then the cognitive cancer of doubt slips in. What if? Can I really? Should I?

Many times the distraction of life can temporarily keep these thoughts locked away in the mind’s vault with all the other accumulated dreams and intentions. Then, when we are alone with our thoughts and the vault is unlocked, out they all come. You’re not alone. It’s self-preservation. It’s your personal programming

The amazing thing is that we can habitually clean our bodies and hair. Yet, how many of us habitually clean our minds? Once the programs are changed. The mind initiates its perfect capacity to create. Relationships flow. Doubt dilutes. Possibilities are wrapped in clarity. What is expected becomes realized.

3. Change Your Attitude. Enthusiasm is one of the most attractive qualities a person can possess. When you are enthusiastic about something, others are drawn to you; you are able to influence more effectively and lead more successfully. Influence allows an ability to direct others based on their alignment. My objective for the these techniques is to allow people to become more productive, happier, healthier, have more energy, less stress, higher work/life satisfaction and a better attitude toward every area of their lives.

Enthusiasm is something we all want, but we don’t always know how or where to find it.

Most people are waiting for passion to find them, or on a situation, job or relationship to bring them passion. When the benefits are so tremendous should you wait for them?

They are already inside you, most times attached to an activity or thought that is not producing a desired outcome. So if you find yourself feeling frustrated, despondent or generally not feeling very inspired or enthused about things,

Look at what you are excited about and then learn to attach those same emotions to yourself in other areas. Many times we see a person who seems lethargic or down…That is until the football game comes on! Bam! jumps up and down, spills the salsa and can’t stop yelling. I thought he was not an enthusiastic person? See it was inside all along.

Things in your life or in your business might not be great right now. The outlook might seem a little bleak. It’s only a moment. What are you looking for? Are you becoming cynical or focusing on the things you don’t like? Start looking for the good in your situation – even small good things.

Look to serve. When you are serving, helping or encouraging others, fulfillment will often arrive.

Look at the big picture. You’ll be able to put your problems and challenges in context when you take a minute to consider the big picture. Hopefully taking a longer view will help put things in a more proper perspective and show that the current challenges and frustrations that seem to be sapping your focus and energy are temporary. You will often find your anticipation when you look at the bigger picture.

Look at your attitude. When your attitude is more positive it is easier to feel passionate, find passion and attract passion. The opposite is also true. Your attitude is your choice. Are you choosing the attitude that is conducive to finding your passion? If you want more passion in your life, look at your attitude. It’s the mind that directs, It’s the mind that paralyzes, It’s the mind that is unlimited. Learn to use it…You then become the best you possible.

4. Be Authentic and Become Magnetic. Celebrate who you are. Appreciate and honor who you are, what you do, and the gifts and talents that you have. Celebrating yourself is not about being arrogant. It’s an awareness of your own power and it’s the key to self-confidence, fulfillment, authenticity, and success. When you’re proud of and share who you are people will naturally be attracted to you.

5. Be Masterful. Focus your expertise in an area you are passionate about. Are you a COP-out, HOLD-out, DROP-out, or ALL-out? Cop-Outs: People who have no goals and do not commit. Hold-Outs: People who don’t know if they can catch their goals, so they’re afraid to commit. Dropouts: People who start toward a goal but quit when the going gets tough. All outs: People who set goals, commit to them, and pay the price to reach them. Nothing is easier than saying you’re committed. Nothing is harder than living that commitment day after day.

6. Get Rid of Your Excuses and Conditions. It’s true, it’s your life. Here is what people are programmed to do. Simple. What others are doing. Then they live hoping for more, for themselves and their families. To stray from the social herd is to risk criticism of others.

My advice, stray. Look what the masses are doing and don’t do that. Get into unlimited surroundings. Dream. Take the risk. Once free from the influence of the masses you can now live your own masterpiece instead of being a brushstroke in someone else’s. Let me ask you how many conditions have you put on your success?

I will do this…but not that.

I will learn this…but not that.

I will work then… but not now

I will stay the same… yet want more out of life.

Remember these 3 Simple Rules for ultimate success…

1. If you do not go after what you want, you will NEVER have it!

2. If you do not ask, the answer will ALWAYS be NO!

3. If you do not step forward, you will ALWAYS be in the same spot!

The Moral of the story: Leaders are those who are bold enough to make a decision when faced with a defining moment. Let me leave you with this powerful & profound thought: Leadership is a word that takes on a particularly important meaning in times of trial. Companies need to foster it. Individuals need to aspire to it. And our nation needs to rediscover it.

When times get tough, the tough get going–but the truly successful get going in the right directions. Pent up inside every member of your organizational population is a leader just waiting to emerge. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to align what your people do best with what your organization needs most. This means tapping into their most natural and energy-producing interests and motivations and using them to propel your organization forward. More enthusiasm. More Fun. More profit. Apple does it and so can you. What are you waiting for?

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