Why the Press Release is Still a Superhero of Marketing

While sending out press releases may seem like an old way of marketing, it’s actually got a whole brand spanking new modern twist that has taken it to a totally different level of marketing potential.

I’m not talking about the primitive paper era where you had to woo some editor just to give you a break on some minor publication. I’m talking about the currently under-utilized modern marvel, the online press release.

It has the power to reach influential bloggers, news sites, reviewers and potential customers with supersonic speed all while wielding a powerful message and garnering valuable backlinks.

So what’s so special about a press release?

It works.

Press releases are one of the most traditional forms of marketing there is, but they’ve been overlooked as outdated and unfashionable for a long time. Now, the evolution of the Internet and the technology that supports it have given the press release incredible superpowers – no cape needed.

What are some of an online press release’s super powers?

Super SEO Strength.

Optimising your online press releases for search engines is vital. Doing so can significantly boost your rankings and generate a substantial amount of traffic to your business pages through creating valuable links and search engine indexing. If your story is compelling enough, you could generate tens of thousands of links with just one press release!

Super Shield.

Press releases can build your reputation which can help to buffer your business against bad press. The saying that “no news is good news” doesn’t apply here. It can give your potential customers and business partners the sense that you are not an authority in your field. By choosing to release optimised positive news and information to fill in any online “visibility gaps” you create an effective screen that can help shield your business from any scattered, negative comments.

According to Google, 89% of potential consumers begin their research online, so you need to make sure they’re going to find good things when they search for your business.

Super Nimble.

Not only are press releases one of the most powerful marketing methods out there, they are also one of the cheapest, and when you get the hang of them, they are one of the simplest to execute. Online syndication means that the whole process of creating your press release – from writing it to distribution – can be fantastically fast. You could be finished publishing your press release only a few hours after you started writing it! This makes the press release a great, low-cost marketing tactic, especially for resource conscious small businesses and entrepreneurs. You’d be foolish to ignore it.

***Hot Tip: Use a reliable online press release distribution service for effective and efficient distribution to targeted sites. Some services to look into include: Online PR MediaPrnewswire, Marketwire, Free Press Release Center,, I-newswire, and PR Web.

Super Endurance.

Be remembered and rank higher for longer in search engines by taking advantage of the potential of press releases to generate high quality, permanent backlinks from authority sites.

In order to take full advantage of the opportunity to gain great backlinks to your site, you need to submit your press release to PR distribution sites, newswires and appropriate journalists and editors at niche publications who would have an interest in your news. This means that before you send out anything, you need to spend some time thinking about and researching possible press release targets. Such factors to consider include: what country;or region do you want to target; what are the ideal age, race, and income demographics of your readers/customers, and where do these people hang out online; who are the authority voices in your niche?

Super Visibility.

There is no point spending time and effort creating a great website if nobody knows where it is.  Online visibility is key to driving traffic to your site, generating leads and setting yourself apart from the competition. Online press releases can give your business visibility a massive boost and reach an unbelievably vast audience worldwide through E-zines, blogs, news sites, review sites– the possibilities are immense!

Super Public Relations Power.

If you want to become successful online, you must develop your online image and build trust. A solid press releases strategy can enable you to do just that by giving you great exposure and allowing you to increase awareness of your business. When your press releases get picked up by established bloggers and news sites there is no need for self promotion – these are sources who are already trusted by your target market and they will do all the hard work of promoting your business for you and at the same time you will benefit from the powerful endorsement of a powerful third party.

Your company logo, your style, your name – all of these will potentially be seen by thousands of internet users – globally. With press releases, what we’re talking about is being visible in an actionable way. If you produce some quality writing coupled with smart, targeted distribution you get the amazingly valuable opportunity to have your relevant news seen in every detail by the right people at the right time. The global reach of the internet also means you can reach the biggest targeted audience, too. And that is just super!


  1. says

    This is a brilliant post that I will be sharing with lots. I have written press releases for people that haven’t gone anywhere because they haven’t known how to share them properly. Thanks for sharing on

  2. Adam Gottlieb says

    Not knowing how to properly distribute a press release is definitely a waste of resources. But the bigger problem I’ve seen is that people don’t know how to write effective press releases in the first place. They are more interested in spamming the internet in search of links, or they’ve been told by some “expert” that they *must* send out a certain amount of press releases per month in order to have a successful online marketing strategy.

    The result is that many press releases are poorly written, watered-down, spun, dribble.

  3. says

    Hi Adam,
    Thanks for sharing this guest post. I think the greatest thing about a well-written press release is that it can encourage both traditional and online news coverage. Using press releases to stimulate news coverage is a time honored tradition of getting yourself into the news and, of course, it works.

  4. Adam Gottlieb says

    That’s a good point about the two (actually three or four) media mediums overlapping. It seems to be a growing and unavoidable trend. Traditional media has to be connected to the real-time mobile world, or else it will lose some of its relevance and get left behind. Business owners who know this are in the best position to make sure their press releases are targeting those online contacts who have some important off-line news connections. Thanks for pointing this out.

  5. says

    One other comment I’d make is that it is so important to make sure the point of a press release is made at the top. As with newspaper articles, master the basics of the inverted pyramid with the most important information in the first paragraph and more specific details filled in under that. If a media contact has to spend too long trying to figure out the point, you’ve lost your opportunity to make an impression.

  6. says

    Agreed. There are many benefits to sending out a press release. But an issue is timing them properly. You want it that any readers of the press release who go to your business or website will see a great landing page and be shown interesting, up-to-date information.

  7. Adam Gottlieb says

    Yes, timing a press release is also very important. Aside from timing the release to coincide with your business events and news,and ensuring that readers will be directed to something of interest, you also need to consider things like reporters’ schedules, trends in reader traffic, and country-specific times.

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