10 Unique Ways Of Saving Money

Everyone has their own way of saving money.

Whether your goal is to save a million or a few thousands, no one can underestimate how the power of saving can help you achieve it.

Different Ways To Save Money

1. Take Advantage Of Gift Cards

There are many ways to save money, and one of the most common is through the use of gift cards. They can be used for many purposes, like buying groceries and dining out, among many others. If you’re interested, look at here now to get yourself some gift cards you can use for your next purchases.

2. Adopt The Seven-Day Rule

Most of the time, people tend to get excited about buying something that they just saw online. The reasons are quite simple—either it’s trending or a popular person might be wearing it. If you think that your impulsive buying is hindering you to save money, then you must follow the seven-day rule.
The seven-days rule starts by not allowing you to purchase an item immediately the moment you saw it. Give yourself, at least, seven days for you to think about it, then decide if you need it or not. The seven-day period prevents you from impulse-buying, which is usually influenced by what you’ve seen around you.
After seven days and you still feel like you want to buy it, then that’s the time that you can purchase the item.

3. Pay Using A Credit Card

There are many different ways you can save a lot by using your credit card instead of paying cash. Most cards offer rebates, rewards, as well as awesome incentives and decent cashbacks. Here’s a quick difference between rebates and rewards you might want to know.

  • Rebates – Most cards offer rebates. They’re giving you back a percentage of what you have spent whenever you purchase an item in a participating location using your credit card.
  • Rewards –Whenever you use your credit card to pay for something, a corresponding incentive will be rewarded to you. It can be a cash reward, points reward, or a travel reward, depending on the type of credit card that you have.

4. Cancel Unnecessary Subscriptions

Guilty of subscribing to an online music streaming platform?  How about downloading an awesome application and deciding to unlock more of its features?  Or, are you still paying cable subscription every month?
If your answer is yes to all of the questions above, you might want to check your bank account’s transactions. Check how much of your money is coming out to pay for all of these subscriptions you made. It won’t hurt a lot if you’ll cut that cable subscription since you can now just stream tv series and movies online. Include those little subscription fees for the applications on your phone as well to save you more bucks.
There are lots of unnecessary subscriptions that you may not be paying attention to that much, but those little expenses can hurt your wallet in the long run.

5.  Grow Your Food

If you have extra space where you can start a small garden, why not plant some vegetables on it?  You can check your kitchen and evaluate the most common veggies you’re using to make dishes every day. From there, your options on what to plant can diversify. If you have a huge space, then plant veggies that will please you. Otherwise, make sure to pick those veggies that can easily grow in a small garden.
It might be hard to start planting your food, but once they grow, you can only imagine how much money you can save from them.

6. Make Cooking A Habit

Everybody loves dining out, even if some of the foods that restaurants offer are just dishes you can cook at home. Imagine how much money you can save if you’ll stop or at least lessen the number of times that you eat outside. Not to mention that it can help you eat healthier foods since you’ll have full control over what ingredients go to your food.

Person insert plastic credit card into street atm bank to withdrawing money

7. Avoid Using ATMs

You might have already noticed that banks are charging fees whenever you use ATMs. Some charge fees when you check your balance and most have withdrawal fees, especially from non-affiliated banks. The fees might not hurt a lot in a single transaction, but try to keep all of your ATM transaction receipts and calculate the deducted fees you’ll incur for the whole year. You'll be amazed at how much they would cost you.
To counter this, always bring cash on hand whenever you go out. Remember that small things you overlook can make a big impact.

8. Ride A Bike Or Walk

If the distances between the places you want to go to aren’t that far, avoid using public transportation by walking or riding on a bike.

9. Make Your Coffee

Since coffee shops are now popular, you’ll see one popping at every corner every now and then. It’s tempting for many to not try and buy, and others form a habit of buying coffee every day from popular coffee shops at unreasonable prices.
So, why not try to make your own coffee?  Brewing your coffee will save you a lot of money. Aside from you having full control of what to add or not, the experience of brewing your coffee is simply priceless.

10. Get Rid Of The Gym Membership

Many people are so crazy about going to the gym. What they don’t know is there’s no need to be paying a monthly membership fee as the Internet already has everything for free!  There are plenty of blogs and videos online that you can use as free resources to get fit and healthy.
Besides, you need to know that a huge percentage of what you look like is what you eat. Start with watching the food that you eat, couple it with walking and exercise, and you’re on your way to becoming the fittest version of yourself. It’ll surely save you a lot, too.

Make Saving Money A Habit

Whatever amount of money you save, saving money is a habit that’ll make a difference in how you manage your finances. To do this, reassess your expenses, check what on the list above is doable for you, then start what you can save from there.
Start saving, be consistent, and see the results for yourself.