Entrepreneurs Over 50: Delena Stout

main image, Delena Stout

  Delena Stout threw her values into her business, Brookside Barkery & Bath   Every couple of weeks, we profile an over-50 entrepreneur, and today’s is Delena Stout, founder and CEO of Brookside Barkery & Bath, a Kansas City dog grooming center and pet supply store.   Like many over-50 entrepreneurs, Stout had a standard [...]

Think and Act Like Mark Zuckerberg

main image, think and act like Zuckerberg

Don’t let the casual air fool you: for Zuckerberg, it’s all about intensity The hoodie, the jeans, the mild mannerisms: Mark Zuckerberg appears perpetually to have just woken from a nap or on his way to a video game session. Nothing in the young legendary entrepreneur looks urgent. But, if it’s not clear from his [...]

When Not to Think and Act Like Steve Jobs

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Some in the Business World Take a Different Approach Than That of the Apple Co-founder You can’t accuse us of propaganda or of pushing a particular agenda. While we’ve touted the philosophies of Steve Jobs in the not-so-distant past, we’re now going to turn it around and give some time to an opposing viewpoint. It’s [...]

Best Home Businesses in 2014: Starting a Blog

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Build a following and start making money Blogs are one of the greatest businesses, since so many of them start accidentally.  The blogger writes about and reports about his or her passion and is eventually able to sell advertising or otherwise turn a great hobby into an income.   Build a Following The way to [...]

Understand Business Jargon!


Many people wonder why making sure that you don’t use awkward word when presenting something is essential. Well it’s something that many businesses don’t think about before they go in, and it can make or break an image. Making sure that you don’t use awkward words is one of the key things and it can [...]

Keys To a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign


Perhaps you’ve chosen Indiegogo, maybe Kickstarter, maybe some other forum for soliciting funds for your daring new startup project.  Here are some keys for success.   1. Keep It Real Yes, there’s big pressure on you, and you may feel the need to be formal and super-serious.  But you’re asking, potentially, people of all walks [...]