Storing Ink Cartridges – Best Practices

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If you’ve had a bit of a splurge and bulk-bought some cartridges you’ll be feeling especially pleased with yourself. However, you now need to store them properly so they stay in good condition and will work when you need them.

It’s quite easy to store inkjet cartridges correctly and it’ll help to preserve the quality of the ink for longer so you don’t end up having to discard any.

Keep them somewhere cool

Inkjet cartridges need to be stored somewhere cool, well-ventilated and dark. The maximum temperature they should be exposed to is room temperature because if the cartridges heat up, the ink can bubble up and this will, over time, lead to leaks.

Your cartridges should be stored upright

Whether your cartridges are loose or still in their boxes, they should be stored upright, from the moment you leave the shop to the moment you pick one to go into the printer. Most manufacturers say you should store them with printheads facing up and this is especially vital for colour cartridges, as by facing them downwards, inks could leak and mix up.

Keep your cartridges sealed up until you use them

Keeping your cartridges sealed away from the environment helps to maintain the composition and quality of the ink, as well as keeping the printheads damp. By preventing air and excess moisture getting into the packaging, you run the risk of the ink or the cartridge circuits becoming damaged. If the outer packaging that your set of cartridges came in gets damaged, place them in another plastic bag and seal it securely.

Hello darkness…

Darkness really is a good friend to cartridges, because exposure to light, especially sunlight through a window, can make the ink heat up and cool down repeatedly, degrading it and making leaks more likely.

When you take a cartridge out of storage…

…don’t just bung it into the printer and cross your fingers! You need to tread carefully, as if there’s something wrong with it, you could damage your printer.

Here’s how you do it safely:

You should remove the seal from the individual cartridge and look out for any leaked ink, then look at the printhead, making sure it’s still moist by dabbing a dry tissue on it. Examine the contact terminals to check for damage, then put the cartridge into the printer and do a test print.

It makes sense to store your cartridges as safely and sensibly as you can because this will make them last longer in storage and help them to perform better once they’re in use. It also helps to keep your printer safe, because cartridges can also leak when they’re in it. Once your cartridge is in your printer, make sure you use it regularly to keep the print nozzles clear. If you don’t have any print jobs, then perform a test print once a week to keep things flowing.

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