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Tournament Tracker For Excel

Tournament Tracker for Excel is a full featured custom software application written for Microsoft Excel for Windows. It provides a robust, customizable environment for managing your golf tournament and tracking individual and team scoring. Whether you are managing a large event for your golf club or just tracking scores for your weekend game, Tournament Tracker for Excel provides an easy to use, efficient solution.

The Tournament Tracker for Excel download provides a fully functional version of the program that can be used for 24 days for free. Registration is required to continue using it beyond the 24 day trial period.

Here are just a few of the features available in Tournament Tracker for Excel
- Stores complete scorecards for up to 100 golf courses.
- Maintains up to 11 different sets of tees per golf course.
- Maintains information for up to 1000 golfers.
- Hole by hole one time score entry with net scores, ESC scores and team scores calculated automatically.
- Automatic gross, net and team skin calculations.
- Separate gross, net and team leaderboards.
- Expandable leaderboards to show individual hole scores or just round scores.
- Automatic course handicap and stroke hole calculation.
- Support different tees for men and women.
- Ability to select different tees for each golfer.
- Supports manual, snaked (fair) and blind (random) team assignments.
- Event scorecards with stroke hole designation.
- Individual golfer tournament result report.
- Ability to export reports to separate Excel files.
- Ability to run multiple tournaments at the same time.
- No annual fees or per event fees.
- 1 to 20 players per team.
- Supports most common team formats and supports different team formats for each round.
- Supports use of fractional handicaps.
- 1 to 4 rounds per event.
- Easy to use familiar Excel interface.
- Supports automatic tee time assignments.