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Smart Chinese Reader

Smart Chinese Reader (SmartCR) is a software to help you read Chinese articles. If you are studying Chinese or you need to read Chinese as part of your work, then SmartCR was designed for you.

When you read a Chinese article online and you want to understand it better, you can copy this article into SamrtCR, SmartCR will segment it into sentences and sentences into words. This makes the text quite readable. English translation of each sentence is given. Furthermore, each Chinese word’s meaning is explained in detail.

SmartCR offers several advantages over traditional learning programs, including: 1. Learn by using; 2. Higher precision for Chinese word segmentation; 3. Full text translation; 4. Chinese-English phrase mapping; 6.Color part of speech notation; 6. Full text pronunciation; 7.Customization; 8. Handling traditional and simplified Chinese characters simultaneously; 9.Openness; 10. No Internet connection required.