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Secure SMS With RSA Encryption

Protect you privacy with Aloaha secure SMS! Many useful SMS features make this app a powerful stock SMS replacement.

Give Spys no chance and keep your SMS private!

Secure SMS with RSA Encryption includes complete RSA transport encryption to protect your privacy!

Secure SMS with RSA Encryptio provides an easy to use interface for secret text messaging along with some great features like copy and paste, filter, export2sd, etc.


*** Features ***

- RSA encrypts SMS before they are leaving your device (complete transport encryption)
- RSA decryption of SMS ONLY when viewing and reading them (storage encryption)
- RSA Key Pair generated by YOUR mobile
- Public-Key infrastructure (PKI)
- Filter and sort SMS based on various criteria such as sender, date, content, etc.
- Export SMS to SD Card
- Share SMS via various methods
- SMS clipboard editor
- Easy reading and composing of SMS messages
- Mail Archive Viewer included (via settings dialog)
- Small Footprint

*** How it works ***

- After initial installation go to Aloaha SMS settings
- Go to ‘Crypt Settings’
- Press ‘Generate Key’

*** How to send encrypted SMS ***

- SMS will be encrypted with the public key of the receiver
- Before you can send someone an encrypted message that someone needs to send you his public key once
- The public key can be send with ‘Aloaha SMS Settings’ -> ‘Crypto Settings’ -> ‘Send Key’

*** How to receive encrypted SMS ***

- Since the sender requires your public key you need to send it once via ‘Aloaha SMS Settings’ -> ‘Crypto Settings’ -> ‘Send Key’
- As soon the sender received your public key all messages sent to you are RSA encrypted