Private: cr-weather-sun-v1

Route Riter

A suite of tools for Microsoft Train Simulator content.

1. Check a Route for missing shape and texture files.
2. Compact a Route by removing files from the route which are not required and just slow the program down.
3. Check all Activities installed in the Simulator
4. Package a route ready for uploading (including production of spanned zip files).
5. Count objects in selected and adjacent World tiles
6. List all the track and road sections used by a route.
7. Produce Mini-Routes, which are compact versions of MSTS that contain only one route and associated rolling stock
8. Options to check and fix many of the file types used by MSTS.
9. A host of utilities to compress and uncompress files, replace shapes in .W files, build AI locomotives etc.
10. Graphics utilities which allow the user to view shape files and consists in full colour, and run 3rd party programs such as TGATools2a and TView etc.
11. The full version of Carl-Heinz Rave’s TSUtils program is also included.