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RESULTS -The Competition Management System is the perfect solution for all Shows and Competitions, whether Professional or Amateur, International, National, Regional, or Local.
Use RESULTS -The Competition Management System to track and manage your whole Show.
Record all Entry Classes. Add Competitors and their Entries, Produce Judging Sheets, Record Blind Results and automatically calculate Awards and Prizes.
RESULTS will eliminate the mass of Spreadsheets and Documents that normally are associated with competitions. All your competition information is Centrally located and available through your local network, similutaniously to multipule users.

You’ll be amazed at the time and effort you save, how quickly results can be produced and the simplicity of managing your competition.

RESULTS -The Competition Management System is shareware: Download the fully functional RESULTs application now. Please remember to make a donation if you use RESULTS for your show or Competition.