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RecMind is an elegant tool for drawing beautiful, professional mind maps, organization charts, family trees, sitemaps. It supports brain storming and presentation perfectly.
1)Presentation:With RecMind, you can show up demostration of your work with simple clicks. Comments and sketch pens are supported;
2)Property Tools:Powerful property editor, collapsible, smart, handy, always knows what you want to do;
3)Set Icons:Topics can be set with multiple icons from the library, which should be big enough for you;
4)Task Assignment:Task information can be assigned to topics, use RecMind to schedule your job;
5)Drag to Move:Simple drag to move topics around to re-order and reparent, automatically locating;
6) Attche Files:Files can be attached to topics with simple clicks, is ready to be opened directly from RecMind;
7)Layouts:Several layout styles can be applied to the topics, tree,mind map, logic, etc;
8)Lines:All lines connect topics are fully customizable, the ends, the patterns, the colors, etc;
9)Links:Supports links to topics in different sheets, outer web url, even email address;
10)Shapes:Topics nodes support different shape types, rectangle, triangle, ellipse, etc;
11)Styles:The border, background, text of the topics are all customizable, predefined styles are provided;
12)Grouping:Topics can be grouped to form logical concepts, and group can be contained within another group;
13)Notes:Custom Notes can be attached to topics, so you can record things using topics.