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MyPM Merge

myPM Merge is a MS Windows Software Application that generates merged MS Word Documents and MS Excel Workbooks.

Features include:
Easy to install, configure, and use
Supports the following data sources: MS Access Databases, MS Excel Workbooks
Generates the following merged files: MS Word Documents, MS Excel Workbooks
Saves merged files as individual files as they are generated
Prints merged files as they are generated
Supports merging of hyperlinks in Documents and Workbooks
Includes comprehensive User Manual

Why use myPM Merge?
myPM Merge is the ideal solution for generating merged Documents and Workbooks, including:

Certificates of all types, including Award, Calibration, Proficiency, Test, etc.
Form Letters of all descriptions
Personalised advertising and marketing material
Quality documentation including ITPs, JSAs, Audit Reports, Quality Forms, etc.
Quotations, Invoices, Receipts, etc.
And many others…