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Handmade Toolbox

Handmade Toolbox is a fully automated software application for increasing sales on Etsy! Add Followers, favourites, gather data from your competition, message users and more!

Handmade Toolbox is a low cost solution for marketing your Etsy Store. The application allows you to automatically add/remove followers, add/remove favourites and send messages to users on a large scale!

- Add/Remove Etsy Followers… Getting your Etsy Store Noticed!
- Add/Remove Etsy Favourites… Boosting your Stores Search Ranking
- Mass Follow or Message other shops buyers!
- Mass Message Etsy Users, Followers and Favouriters!
- Manage Message Templates with an In-built Template Management Tool
- Manage Multiple Etsy Stores within one Single Application!
- Supports any Etsy account in any country!
- Build a Custom Unique Audience by Controlling Which Users to Follow/Favourite and Message Based on Custom Search Criteria
- Proxy IP Support
- Lifetime Licence Key for up to 2 Computers
- 1 Full Year of Free Product Updates
- Excellent Customer Support Service