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Free WebM Converter

Free WebM Converter enables videos in the WebM format to be converted to AVI, MOV, MPEG. So, it has multiple uses and the same can be achieved very easily by anyone who has downloaded this simple software. There are a number of attractive features that make this tool quite handy. The fact that the video files can be trimmed, cut, and changed to appear better are just a few of them. Things like the resolution, contrast, can be personalised in the resultant file make the Free WebM Converter a must have tool for all those who wish to download videos and audio files from YouTube. Since the HTML5 is the latest format that is used by most users to upload videos, this Converter makes it possible for more people to download them and view them on their own devices. The size of the software is about 27 MB, which is very small, considering the amount of work it does. Therefore, there is no way that your device slows down or its performance is affected in anyway. It has a simple interface and the functions are also quite easy to comprehend. The size of the resultant file can also be modified and made smaller so that users can convert more video and audio files of their choice. With just a few clicks, video files can be converted to the WebM format and vice versa. Therefore, all those who download the Free WebM Converter can make the most of the software in both ways. There are no glitches that have been identified so far in this free tool.