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Free PNG To PDF Converter

In order to view PNG images on various platforms and share them with others over social networking websites, they need to be converted to a more popular format. PDF is one such file type which is extensively used for personal as well as professional purposes. The Free PNG to PDF converter allows users to convert their images in the former type to the latter. It is a very handy tool that can be comprehended by anyone. Even someone who is not acquainted with such software can also use it without any hitches. This small sized tool does not eat up the disk space and takes just a few minutes to get downloaded. Since there are no harmful viruses, the security of the device is also not compromised. It is absolutely free of cost and users need not register or sign up for any updates. The freeware does not require Adobe Acrobat even since it is a standalone tool. This Free PNG to PDF converter can be installed onto any device that runs on Windows OS. The quality and original layout of the files is kept intact during and after the conversion and this is yet another advantage. After it is initiated, users can start uploading their files onto the interface. The freeware supports batch conversion and hence, a number of files can be converted in one go. Right from adding individual files in different folders to including a complete folder, the tool enables all of these functions. Users can choose to convert one PNG file to a single PDF or merge several of them to a larger file. There are a number of variations available in the Free PNG to PDF converter. It even allows users to add passwords to the resultant files so as to add security.