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2048 Windows Exe PC Desktop Games

We have rewritten popular 2048 game from scratch to bring it to ‘classic’ Windows operating system, i.e. Windows PC Desktop executable.

This is just 1 of 2048 other games we plan to port to Windows. Our games include many features & benefits, for example:
- Freeware license allows you to use our software for any purposes, including commerce
- Neither iPhone/Android emulator is required nor any side DLLs to be installed
- No administrator rights are required during installation or playing
- Built-in anti-crush and anti-Boss protection
- Free from advertising forever for loyal users
- Monthly money prizes for top 10 game winners (coming soon, but you can start to grow scores right now due to our already built-in anti-cheat protection).

Visit our site for more explanation: (mirror 1) (mirror 2).