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Free PDF Maker

The Free PDF Maker is a unique software app that is created to make PDF files from any type of program. This free software app has a simple interface which is easy to use. It is user friendly with a few simple features. However, this software tool supports ads and therefore it is important to install it with care. Although the PDF maker is used to create PDF files, it can be used to create various other types of documents such as JPEG, BMP, TIFF and so forth. It is possible to merge various documents into a single PDF file. Users can protect the file with a password too. There are several other features in the Free PDF Maker which makes it one of the most appealing software apps. It is possible to email a PDF file, create documents and use multiple printers and profiles. The program also includes a settings menu which has various options. The Free PDF Maker supports several languages which makes it more attractive. Users can import the files into the queue with the drag and drop feature. This software program has a detailed help file which can be utilized conveniently. The Free PDF Maker tool offers incomparable simplicity and ease of use. It can therefore be used by people of all experience levels. The tool performs the task quickly. However, in some cases, the task may require a specific amount of time depending on the type of file that is converted. The program saves the files to folders on the basis of tags such as the username, time, date and so forth.