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Free AVI To MPG Converter

The Free AVI to MPG Converter is an easy tool that converts video files from one format to the other. It is indeed a very handy tool that has a number of features for everyone. People without any technical knowledge can also make the most of this Converter software. It is rare that a free tool which can be downloaded from the net has so benefits. The conversion process can also be done in a moment. What is even better is that the software enables users to carry out batch conversion, which saves time. The ‘drag and drop’ feature is another helpful one by which adding AVI files to the list becomes simpler. The quality of the MPG files after conversion is of top quality and there is no compromise there. Users can make a few modifications as well in order to change the experience of watching the videos or movies. The Free AVI to MPG software allows users to crop the videos and make them smaller in size. The bit rate and aspect ratio can also be changes as per the requirements of individual users. The volume of the videos can also be managed and set. The progress of the conversion process can be viewed at all times so that users are aware of how much more time is required for all the files to be changed from AVI to MPG. The tool is quite flexible and is compatible with a number of media files such as MPEG1, MPEG1 and uncompressed AVI files as well. It is clean and effective.