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Glancing at Outlook in-box 20 or 30 times an hour for new messages?
Even more?

Frequent interruptions scatter our thoughts, weaken our memory, and make us tense — it should be stopped!

Now we have Autolook!
It will automatically sort any new email and ask your decision as less as possible thus significantly save your time/energy.
The critical point is:
You don’t need to actively check Outlook any more so work much more efficiently than ever!
Based on the evaluation running in our department, the tool save 90% of our effort for checking mail so far.
Business impact:

In average an employee spends about 30 minutes on email checking per day.

Considering a 10-people company, you can roughly save 150 person days effort per year (0.5*20*12*10)/(8) while using the tool.

Then how about a 100-people company?
What are you waiting for?