How office design can help attract top graduates to your business

When you set your mind to attracting the top talent among university leavers, you’ll no doubt focus on priorities such as offering competitive remuneration packages and making sure your jobs are advertised in the best possible ways.

However, as well as getting these basics right, there are other less obvious issues to consider. For example, the design of your work-space can have an impact on whether the best graduates want to join your business, and this blog examines how.

Comfort is key to the modern office worker

The office worker of today does not expect to have to put up with substandard seating and dodgy desks that put them at risk of back and neck ache or repetitive strain injuries. Instead, they want to be provided with good quality furnishings that offer them impressive levels of comfort throughout the day. By investing in the right office fixtures and fittings, you can demonstrate to people that you care about the well being of your personnel and you therefore stand a better chance of appealing to the most talented individuals. Pay particular attention to your seating. Office furniture suppliers such as now offer computer chairs that feature curved backs and adjustable arms to help ensure they offer plenty of support.

Giving workers added flexibility

As well as comfort, workers are after added flexibility in their work-spaces. With this in mind, many forward looking companies now provide their personnel with different zones to work and relax in.

These can include breakout areas where people can go to hold informal meetings and discussions with colleagues, quiet spaces where staff members can concentrate on demanding tasks in peace and games rooms where employees are able to relax and socialize during their breaks. By including different zones like these in your workplace, you can show that your company is dynamic and modern.

Reinforcing your brand image

Then there’s your company’s image to consider. Effective branding is crucial when it comes to appealing to the best graduates, and this doesn’t just apply to your promotional material. Your company ethos must be reflected in all aspects of your organisation, including your premises. By making sure your workplace is fitted and decorated in a style that is in-keeping with your image, and by including plenty of branded signage, you can help to ensure that your workplace looks the part and impresses any visitors.

Given the crucial role that office design can play in recruiting the right personnel, this is not an issue that you can afford to ignore when you’re reaching out to the most in-demand university leavers.

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