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ZoomTags is a FREE Windows Desktop software. It is used for creating zoomable tag clouds. A tag-cloud is a map of frequently used words in a text. The number of times a word occurs in a text is the frequency of occurrence of that word. ZoomTags analyses the unique words (or keywords, if you may permit) and records the number of times that keyword occurs. Based on this information, ZoomTags proportionately modifies the font size of that word.

Depending upon the various factors that a user chooses to customize with, ZoomTags generates a SVG of each word and packs them in shortest possible space. This gives beautiful effect called Tag-Cloud.

In addition to these, ZoomTags, as the name suggest, is a Zoomable User Interface and allows the user to zoom in and out to see the intricacies of the generated graphic.

ZoomTags also allows you to save the graphics in various raster formats: BMP, PNG, etc and also the vector format (SVG)