Why Your Business Should Use a Transcription Service

Businesses rely on facts: cold, hard, reliable data. Sometimes, the facts are the words they generate themselves: the text of conference calls, meetings, sales calls, etc. These need to be shareable, and they need to be accurate.

Many businesses are now turning to professional transcription services to assure that their spoken words are turned into permanent digital text files so they can read and search their information. Here are some reasons that a professional transcription service may be valuable to your company.

1. Taking Notes can Cause Problems

You may have had the experience of two people at your company having different notes on one or two points in a meeting of some kind. This ends up spending about as much time as the original meeting to straighten things out, and can create some ill will or mistrust—is Sally a bad note-taker?
In extreme situations, people can try to take false notes and use these to their advantage. Even if it doesn’t get that bad, inaccuracies are easy to make.
Also, it can be hard to scribble down enough relevant info during a meeting, and that often results in some cryptic notes that aren’t very useful. What made sense to you at the time may not make sense to you six weeks later.

2. Use your energy in meetings the best way

Whatever meeting you’re having, particularly one with clients, taking notes shouldn’t be take up much of your time and energy. It’s so important to make a lot of eye contact and to communicate very thoroughly and deftly with whomever you’re talking to. No one likes talking to a mad scribbler.

3. All-important follow ups

Say your business agrees on some courses of action with a particular client. That’s great, right? A wonderful new initiative! But what happens if you don’t follow through on it properly?
It’s the easiest thing to forget one or two of the little steps your company should take to meet the client’s needs. During our busy days it’s easy enough to forget a few things we’ve tried to keep in mind. If you have a full transcript from a meeting, which you can search and read as many times as you need to, these mistakes become less common.

4. Save time, time and time again

Sometimes businesses have a particular person go in and make compilations of meeting minutes or other notes. You may also spend time organizing, weeding, and shredding old pieces of paper. How good a use of your time is this, when you consider how it really adds up? Let someone else take care of this for you.

5. Apps may not work well

You can try to use some sort of computer app to transcribe voice for you, but the accuracy just isn’t there. These services aren’t even as good as the closed-captioning you see on TV, and that always contains hilarious errors.
The time you spend screwing around with picking and using an app and fixing its mistakes will just bog your business down even more. It’s been proven that you’ll get better results with a team of humans who can take the time to get things right, even if it’s hard to understand Joe from accounting.
The talk that you generate at work is absolutely important. It’s important to understand and think about while you are hearing it, rather than furiously taking notes. It’s also important enough to get into good, permanent text files that can be easily stored and moved as needed.
If your meetings are important to your company, take them to a professional.

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