Private: cr-schemaversion1


SchemaVersion is an SQL development tool designed to help you store a SQL database schema in any file-based version control system (such as SourceSafe, Mercurial, Git, etc.) Simply download the schema into files and put them under the version control system of your choice.

- Easy and fast download of a database schema (tables, triggers, views, functions, stored procedures.)
- Tracking of schema file changes.
- One click generation of update scripts (see Limitations below.)
- Ability to upload changes directly to the database.

- At the moment it is not possible to push a table to the server. You need to script the table, modify script for your needs and run it on the server.
- Server validation of stored procedures and functions can give false positive.
- Tested on Windows 7 with MS SQL Server 2008 R2 only. We would appreciate any feedback regarding other versions of Windows/Sql Server.