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RF Wizard

RF Wizard is a powerful smith chart and scattering parameters-based design system which specifically targets, and greatly simplifies the matching-Networks design phase of any r.f. or microwave amplifier design.
RF Wizard has been created for designers, educators, and students to greatly simplify the normally complex tasks associated with r.f. and microwave amplifier design for specific gain and bandwidth. It also simplifies the design of matching networks between r.f. subsystems such as antennas, transmission lines, amplifiers, mixers, etc. The application provides a simple wizard approach in order to simplify the design process.
RF Wizard shortens design time from HOURS (or even DAYS), to a few minutes.
It operates with an Interactive, Wizard-style user-interface that is very easy to use.
and provides the options of Narrow Band, Broad Band, and Low Noise design combined with a choice of THREE common Design Methods: OPERATING GAIN, AVAILABLE GAIN, and UNILATERAL GAIN.
RF Wizard also includes three useful calculators and a number of demonstration design processes for user familiarisation.