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Report Agent Express Edition

Tablet computers are useful for viewing of web pages or reading of emails. But when it comes to entering detailed data then things are getting difficult. Holding the tablet with one hand and typing with the other is just one aspect. Using the virtual keyboard on a tablet is another due to its limited space.
Report Designer lets you create Templates from which you can create Reports. Templates are documents with all the labels, input fields, background and frames for pictures. The position, font and font size of all elements are predefined in the Templates.

To create a Report the user just selects the appropriate Template and inputs the data. Pictures can be taken with the use of the computer’s camera device and placed directly into the Report. The input of numbers, time and dates is very easy with the use of spinners and sliders like in mobile phone apps. It is possible to create a more detailed Report by appending another Template which was designed to cover special aspects.
These Documents can be exported to PDF files for Adobe Reader or to XLSX or RTF files for Office tools from Microsoft and be processed further at a later time. Or send them out with emails and share them with collaborators in the office.

key features
exports Documents to
PDF for Adobe Reader
XLSX for Microsoft Excel
RTF for Microsoft Word
and sends them out as emails attached with these files

available components:
text, number, date, time
frames, shapes and lines
images from file and camera
pen for sketches and signatures
background color or background image

selectable color for each Template
takes pictures and places them directly into the Document
settings for automatic naming of new Reports
report designer capable of zooming in and out