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Precision NCA Components For VCL

With the help of ‘Precision NCA Components for VCL’ (where NCA means ‘non-client area’) you can change the caption bar of your form to an interactive toolbar or you can extend the form with, so called, ‘application button’.

In comparison with other similar solutions (like ribbon toolbar or the technique of extending the client area of the window), these components are drawn directly to the non-client area of the target window, so they are easier to use and they work fast and in an efficient way.

‘Precision NCA Components for VCL’ package includes the following components:

* TPNCAMenuButton:
This component extends your form with so called ‘application button’, that is usually displayed instead of the standard icon and the caption of the form.

* TPNCAToolbar:
This component allows you to change the caption-bar of your form to an interactive toolbar, that can contain application button, quick access buttons, labels and other custom drawn informations.

Components are designed for all Delphi versions from 7 to XE7.