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PayPal Button Generator

Need to sell online your electronic goods? Fill out an easy web form and … that’s all! PayPal Button Generator creates a unique download link for your own digital goods in a personalized thank-you web page. At the same time, a PayPal Buy Now button correctly tweaked is produced automatically and can be verified online. This particular download link continues to be valid for a particular number of hours selected by you. Download URL is also secured. As soon as you have developed the specific code for a PayPal Buy Now button or possibly a Shopping Cart is actually extremely critical to manage properly your digital items by Instant Payment Notification (IPN). The IPN part of the program can send custom e-mail messages to alert you and of course, the purchaser with regards to the purchase that took place with your own digital products. There is no need for a database since the events of the transactions are stored in a text document for further investigation. At the beginning, the form fields are already loaded with valid data corresponding to a PayPal Buy Now button in Sandbox Test Environment. You just need to modify those particular fields which are specific to your electronic goods. Further it is actually suggested yet not mandatory to save the PayPal Buy Now button within the current directory to load it later. PayPal Buy Now button can be tested by a straight-forward mouse click. As a result of transaction, PayPal redirects the browser to a custom thank-you web page specified by the seller. It contains a unique download link produced with Payment Data Transfer (PDT) component for these electronic goods. Optionally, you may personalize the thank-you web page with specific variables of PayPal Button Generator together with those gathered from PayPal. Finally, it is truly vitally worthwhile to protect your PayPal Buy Now button or Shopping Cart against fraud on your digital goods. Look over the screenshoot for more details.