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Hexinator is a fast free hex editor that allows to edit files of unlimited size.

Advanced features like automatic file decoding, file histogram or data panel give you more insight into file contents.

Unique in Hexinator is the ability to create “grammars” for file formats. For several formats there are already grammars that let you easily decode the bits and bytes of a file.

The scripting engine lets you automate repeating tasks or extend grammars to be even more powerful.

* Powerful hex editor – edit files of unlimited size
* Universal Parsing Engine – decode complex file formats easily
* Incremental search – find text, numbers or masks in binary files
* Display all strings in a file
* Dozens of text encodings supported like ASCII, EBCDIC, Unicode, UTF-8 and may others
* Data panel – recognize typical variable types
* Checksum panel – check common hash values like MD5, SHA1 or SHA256