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Free Audio Splitter

The Free Audio Splitter is a straightforward tool that is capable of cutting audio tracks. It is an uncomplicated software app that can be used by novices and professionals alike. The Audio splitter tool supports a wide assortment of formats such as the WAV, AAC, WMA, MP3 and many more. This tool is designed to detect the hardware configuration of the system and choose the best split scheme. The Free Audio Splitter can be used with ease and efficiency as the tool requires no previous experience. The tool can be installed easily and quickly. The free splitter tool has a simple software interface with plain features that are both easy to use and comprehend. It has a regular window which displays a few simple features. It is quite easy to navigate through the program. Users can open and view the audio tracks with the file browser. It is quite easy to begin the conversion process. Users need to specify the start and end time value of the audio track and then choose the output directory before initiating the conversion process. The Free Audio Splitter tool has a few simple features which can be utilized with ease to cut the audio tracks. There are only a few functions or features in this splitter tool. However, the tool can be used efficiently and it performs it task perfectly. The software interface includes a few simple themes. It also includes a small help file which can be used by beginners and professionals. Although there are not many features in this software app, it delivers high sound quality files. It splits the audio files quickly as the tool supports multithreading technology. The tool performs its task with two simple clicks. The Free Audio Splitter tool is compatible with Windows 7, 8, XP and Vista.