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Formula Calculator

The formula calculator is an equation solving calculator that allows you to enter formulas with variables. When the formula is ran it will prompt you for values for each of the variables and then solve the equation. Both lower and upper case letters as well as Greek symbols can be used as variables. The calculator can handle an unlimited number of nested parentheses and it will also recognize implied multiplication such as in: 2a(2b+c)(2b+d). Includes all the standard operators used on most scientific calculators as well as summation, product and factorial operators. Operators also include a plus/minus operator, ‘[+/-]‘ used in formulas such as the Quadratic Formula. If a formula contains a ‘[+/-]‘, the formula will be solved twice. The first time the ‘[+/-]‘ will be replaced with ‘+’, and the second time it will be replaced with ‘-’. You can save formulas for future use. Formulas are stored in groups to keep them organized.