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Contact Manager Freeware

Via an organization governed by a primary interface and access to categories of description of the contact data.

The advanced graphics interfaces manage your relationships and friends through one or several address books and set reminders, like birthdays:
- No limit of creating addresses;
- Organization through lists of Categories;
- Full description (photo, country, phones and multiple email, note, etc.);
- Phone call with Skype;
- Information custom fields;
- Data import formats (Microsoft Office Outlook, vCard and CSV/TSV);
- Plan showing the address on Google Maps;
- Sending email, display of the web site;
- Postal code management tool.
- etc.

Contact Manager software is available in 2 distributions: Freeware-Adware (free of charge) and Shareware. It is a tool primarily aimed at small and medium-sized companies, organizations of association type and independent businessmen or account managers, but also to the individual wishing to a simple tool of access and taking in hand, but enough advanced, for the monitoring of personal contacts and relations.

In addition to the conventional name, first name, phones and multiple addresses, Contact Manager offers a conservation of extended, as e-mail information, note-taking, recall of dates of anniversaries, etc.