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Auto StandBy Pro

AutoStandByPro is a small easy-to-use Rule Based utility that attempts to simplify the way that we use on a daily base the Power Management capabilities of a windows computer.

With AutoStandByPro a user can Shutdown, Restart, Sleep, Hibernate, Lock Computer, Log Off User, Prevent Sleep/Hibernation or execute a Custom Action using a combination of different conditions such as Date/Time, Computer Display, User/System Process, Windows Service, User/Keyboard/Mouse Activity, CPU/Disk/Network Activity and Http Get/Post Requests. Additionally AutoStandByPro can Wake Up a computer from a sleep state based on different date/time user defined schedules.

AutoStandByPro has a simple and intuitive user interface that makes it possible even for a novice user to use its advance features. With a fair amount of effort AutoStandByPro can assist users in their effort to minimize the power consumption of their computers. As a result AutoStandByPro can help you saving money and protecting the environment at the same time.