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VS.Php For Visual Studio 2010

VS.Php is a rich development environment that lets developers leverage their expertise in Visual Studio to develop PHP application. Developers can design, develop, debug and deploy PHP native applications from the familiar interface of Visual Studio.

VS.Php comes with a rich set of PHP frameworks to ease the development of new PHP applications. Some of the supported frameworks out of the box include CakePHP, Symfony, Laravel, Yii, CodeIgniter.

The PHP debugger included with VS.Php supports ease of debugging PHP applications locally as well as debugging applications that run on a remote server. The debugger allows you to set into the code, catch exceptions and view the values of variables and objects in your code. You can use Visual Studio visualizer to view the value of variables with ease including HTML, XML and other types of viewers.

Aside from running applications locally, you can connect to a remote server via FTP or SFtp. This allows you to work on a remote application without having a local copy in your machine.

VS.Php comes with free updates for life.