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The High Intensity Toolkit

Looking for an effective way to optimize your training and nutrition?

- You train hard and heavy, but are not really getting any stronger
- You are not growing or have come to a standstill
- Your nutrition is not producing the desired result
- You want a precise and easy-to-use system to speed up your progress
- You wish to approach your bodybuilding in a more intelligent way..

Then the High Intensity ToolKit might be the answer you are looking for.

Program features and benefits:

- Keep precise track of your every workout with the inbuilt Journal
- Implement the Adaptation function to establish your individual training frequency for fast recovery and optimum muscle growth.
- View the Gym-Stat to monitor your workout data like duration, total reps, volume, rep volume and intensity.
- Compare and analyze your data and intensity progression from workout to workout.
- The inbuilt AI provides quick advice for weight for each exercise, and recommended adjustments of your training frequency.
- Train only the precise amount needed for maximum growth, no more, no less.
- Plan your meals fast and super easy, in perfect macro ratios.
- Log your daily meals in the Food-Log for later analysis.
- Complete bodybuilders food-database with room for adding your own favorite foods.
- Log and keep track of your body composition via the Body-Log.

The High Intensity Toolkit is based on more than 70 years of scientific studies. No personal opinions, speculations, guessing, abstract training ideas or gym rumors.

HIT is a laser sharp precision tool that cuts right through to what really works.