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STAR Idea Manager

Personal database and flexible notepad editor – with high encryption. Collect and organize any kind of information – easy and intuitive. File attachments possible, all-in-one-file makes it easy for sharing projects by e-mail and cloud services.

Start expressing your ideas… with STAR Idea Manager, it has been never easier to collect, organize and structure any kind of data !

Idea manager, outliner, secure notepad, personal database… just a few suggestions how you might use STAR Idea Manager:

Business: General project management, knowledge databases, to-do lists, working instructions, memos, interview protocols, support in project documentation (like productivity and feedback reports), search reports.

Creative writing: Collections of texts (like exposés, storyboards, scenes, scripts), resumes of fictional characters, summaries of any kind (like scenes, chapters, characters, locations and sets), interviews, brainstorming.

Software development: Source code repositories, system requirements (specification sheets, customer requirements), documentation, to-do lists, bug tracking and fixing.

Leisure and hobbies: To-do lists, collections (like cooking recipes and do-it-yourself guides), storing of various data, personal information manager, card box applications.