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SQL Table Zip

Product features:
- Table-level Backup
- Query/Stored Procedure results Backup
- Automatic Compression for all backups (.sqz format)
- File Preview before Restore
- Lightning-fast operation
- Shell Integration
- Powerful Server-Repository Manager
Using SqlTableZip, you no longer need to struggle with other options such as:
- Creating a flat file (csv/txt) –
* Overhead: Need to make sure headers are included, valid delimiters are set, data types are sent to the other side
- Using BCP –
* Overhead: large size, not compressed well, unable to include column name, need to send ‘create table’ statement to the other side
- Copying the query result to a new database, backup and restore on destination
* Overhead: query result takes more time, more than double disk space for both sides, restored data must reside on a new database