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Extreme Fast Data Organizer

Extreme Fast Data Organizer (ExFDO) is a Windows portable application allowing to store subjects of information in a personal data bank which can be queried afterwards to quickly find the sought information. For every subject of information stored in the data bank, you can add files, notes, urls, locations of related physical objects (papers documents, CD/DVD and others), tasks to do, search keywords, secret data (passwords, account, …), etc… So, ExFDO allows to store and organize the personal activity data, to organize the arrangement of physical objects and to quickly find any sought information or object.

Keys features :
- Storing subjects of information
- Cataloguing files
- Managing files (copy-paste-move)
- Recording notes
- Recording urls
- Managing physical objects and storage spaces
- Recording secret data (accounts, passwords…)
- Protecting private subjects
- Managing tasks
- Multicriterion subjects search
- Archiving subjects and files
- Exporting and importing data
- Checking archive intergrity
- And more…

The user manual available in the editor web site gives an exhaustive description of software features. See for more informations.