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WAVLINK has a top-level menu that executes one of 11 audio signal processing utilities (included). These utilities are low on features, lack graphical user interfaces, and run slowly, but they are optimized to achieve high accuracy and signal quality.

These are 32-bit utilities running under 32-bit or 64-bit Microsoft Windows. Input and output audio files are in WAV PCM format. There are many available alternatives to WAVLINK utilities, also free, but most of these compromise audio quality for the sake of processing speed. For example, adequate anti-aliasing filters are often not used where they are needed. WLINK.BAT is executed by double-clicking the desktop shortcut (blue guitar icon).

(1) An uninstall utility is included.
(2) WALINK allows the user to select input and output files by browsing directories and files. These files are then listed and referenced by number.
(3) To edit files with long filenames using DOS EDIT, enclose the filename in double quotes. There is no DOS EDIT in 64-bit Windows. Windows Notepad can be used instead.
(4) WAVLINK error codes are listed in the file README.TXT in the directory linkmodeWAVLINK