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OVO Backuper

OVO Backuper from OVOLogics is a powerful utility that saves SQL dumps to a local archive and restore them when user needs it.

Maintaining a backup and restore of your SQL dumps is not only a good practice but a real necessity.

OVO Backuper gives you the ability to configure possible SQL dumps scenarios. You can:
Backup current database;
Restore over current database.

- Easy installation, easy handling – you don’t have to be an expert to backup your database.
- You can set up different database connections
- Before you start a backup all your parameters will be shown so you can check whether you set up all correctly.
- You have access to your MySQL-Tables. You can select necessary tables to be backuped.
- When backup is completed you can check backup file and see folder where it is placed.
- You can simply stop backup/restore procedure.