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Neural Designer

Intelnics is a research company which develops artificial intelligence software.

We foster innovation in other organizations, increasing product quality, reducing costs, minimizing risk or even helping them to create new products.

Neural DesignerTM is a desktop application which transforms raw data in useful knowledge, discovering relationships, recognizing patterns or predicting trends.

It uses neural networks, which are mathematical models of the brain function which can be trained to perform certain tasks.

The Intelnics team is composed by experts in the application of artificial intelligence to many different fields.

In aeronautics, we have used flight data to reduce fuel comsumption of aircrafts.

In the health sector, we have used medical databases to make more reliable and less invasive diagnosis.

In commerce, we have used sales data to optimize stocks and adjust work quadrants in a department store.

In the food industry, we have used physico-chemical test data to increase the quality of a wine.

Our main objective is to provide value to our customers by applying innovative solutions to their problems.

Intelnics works to be a leader company in the field of applied artificial intelligence. To achieve that, we offer the best possible service to our customers.