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Free XML Viewer

All those users who wish to access the content of XML files can do so with the help of the Free XML Viewer. It enables them to load such files, open them and view them without any intermittence. Apart from this, they can even edit, format and validate them in just a few minutes. Ideal for software developers, this freeware can prove to be very handy for a number of purposes. It has many interesting features which makes it one of the better known products. Firstly, it is absolutely free of cost. There are no hidden charges or trail versions. Once it is downloaded, it can be used for as long as there is a need. Secondly, it is very flexible. All that the users require is a PC or laptop that runs on Windows OS. There is no need of any additional specifications. The Free XML Viewer is a powerful device, though small in size. It does not require much disk space either. With very less system resources, it can work quite effectively. Another feature which makes it popular is the user friendly interface. The simple and intuitive design ensures that even those users who are new to the technology can comprehend the software in the first instance. Finally, the ease with which XML files can be uploaded and accessed is also impressive. Using the drag and drop function, the files can be added and viewed within no time. The main menu contains buttons which are self explanatory and do not require any help files. Apart from viewing, the Free XML Viewer also enables the users to edit, copy and paste, delete and print the files. The appearance of the files can be customized by modifying the display color. Overall, it is a very functional tool.