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English With Music In Two Weeks

English with Music in Two Weeks is a language teaching karaoke-program.
Karaoke type exercises guarantee 100% memorization!
You’ll remember words and phrases as well as the lyrics of your favourite song!

English with Music in Two Weeks is the undoubtedly unique program that has set words and even whole phrases to original musical compositions.

We have set English to music!

Now karaoke is not only great fun, but a powerful and natural way to learn a foreign language!

240 exercises, 200 of them are karaoke type exercises.
200 original musical compositions.
7 hours of high quality recordings.

The course consists of ten lessons. Some of the topics are:
Greetings. Introduction. Farewells. Airport. Passport control. Places in an airport. Baggage. Shopping. In the office. Internet. Problems in a hotel room. In a restaurant, etc.

The course is for beginners and everyone willing to memorize English words and phrases, which are the building blocks of a language. The emphasis is laid on the development of speaking and pronunciation skills, listening comprehension.

Fast and easily you’ll learn words and phrases repeating them rhythmically to different musical accompaniments.

To make sure that our program will be properly installed and work correctly on your computer and in its software environment, ‘The ABC with Music (Lite)’, (FREE), is downloaded first, then from its interface you can buy English with Music in Two Weeks.