Private: cr-monitoring1-0-0-1

Com Port Monitoring

Very easy to communicate with random lab device.
For example is set delimiter ‘/’.
I use other program to simulate connection Com3 and Com4.
Through Com4 is send text 55/55. Program listen on Com3.
If data received contains, said delimiter, then data are split to the next column.
Numbers of column is unlimited.

Program for receive a send through com ports.
Data are analysed for carriage return and tab.
Program can ignore user defined data or can split data with user defined character.If the data are sent continuously,
then you can select the interval writing in to database.
Data are split into user defined columns and stored. Data can be automatic stored or export in once to excel file.
Each new data are stored in excel format to clipboard.
Simple setup for customizable main form: background, color, font.
Data can be send repeatedly in user define time.
If you are satisfied with with program, please leave a comment with type of device its use.