Private: cr-bs-1-med-dpi


Beatstrab is a tool that assists you with automated private copying of complete music albums using the soundcard. It records a continuous audio stream and then cuts the recorded stream into single tracks using additional album information (acquired by webservice) and a silence detection algorithm. Recording is easy by using a Loopback-Mode (records what you hear when playing back music on your computer). Various output formats are supported (WAV, OGG, WAVPACK, MP3 by LAME) and can be tagged automatically.
Beatstrab does not try to identify the current music title by analyzing the recorded audio stream. Thus, you have to tell Beatstrab which music you’d like to record first (only artist and album name). The complete track list and further meta information used for tagging is resolved by using a webservice which connects to an open music encyclopedia.
The advantage is, that by actually knowing the track lengths in advance, errors in cutting the tracks from the recorded stream can be minimized. The results are private music copies of very high quality made from virtually any audio medium.