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Free DocX Viewer

The Free DocX Viewer is a simple and compact program that is designed to open and view docx documents without any installation. This free software program is completely portable and compact in size. Users can easily unzip the file and open the interface immediately. The software interface is plain and easy to comprehend as it includes only a very few features. Users can easily open and view word documents through the free DocX Viewer software. This software app is mainly developed to open the docx document without the need to install Microsoft Office on the computer. However, this free software program includes no editing features. Users can only view the content of the docx document without the option to make any alterations. The Free DocX Viewer has a status bar which displays the title of the document, size of the file, date and author. This software program exhibits excellent performance on all window versions. The program helps the users to select the text and copy it with less effort. Users can easily read and highlight the text and copy it to the clipboard with the assistance of the Free DocX Viewer software program. This free program has a simple task which is performed excellently. It can be used easily as the program includes only a few simple features. Although the Free DocX Viewer can be used to view the docx files without the need to install any other programs, it seldom allows the users to edit or save the files displayed by the DocX Viewer. This small utility is designed exclusively only to read docx files easily and quickly. Users can easily utilize this software program to view the docx files by simply clicking on the files. It is a simple, compact and light weight program that is easy to use and comprehend.