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Free MKV To WMV Converter

There are many advantages of converting video files from one format to another and one such tool is the Free MKV to WMV Converter. The most important function of such tools is to ensure that users can play videos of their choice on their media players without any compatibility issues. Therefore, this software is ideal for all those who have a large number of MKV files and are not able to enjoy them on their players. Even mobile devices such as iPhones, iPods, PSP and others can be used to play WMV videos. The software itself is very simple in design and can be used by anyone. It has been designed to convert MKV videos to WMV and it does the work perfectly. There are no advance features in the free MKV to WMV Converter and it is quite basic. However, the quality of the WMV files after conversion is top class and there is no compromise in either the audio or video parameters. The download and installation can be completed by anyone quite easily and the conversion process is also simple. The user needs to browse through folders, select the MKV files that need to be converted and the output destination. This way, the user is aware of where the converted WMV files are saved so that there are no problems locating specific ones. The Free MKV to WMV Converter is available in a number of languages other than English, making it accessible for people across the globe. The time taken to get the conversion process done is also very less and users can even get subtitles with their WMV videos. During the time of conversion, users can check the preview of the video and then decide to save or delete it as per their requirements.